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Of course you'll want to change the images, graphics, content - and more

The Theme Is Only The Starting Point

Design The Thinking, Think The Design
All of our WordPress themes have configuration settings for colors and typography that you can change as you wish. There are also options for many of the features, content and layout of various pages. But you’ll want to pay attention to some of the styling and layout differences between the WordPress themes. However, you’re only limited by your imagination!

Drag The Circle To See Variations On A Theme.

Before After
Before After

Free Images from Pixabay!

Our Template plugin makes the entire free Pixabay image library available from right inside the WordPress media library.

So whenever you need to insert an image on your page, you can find awesome free pictures from your media library.

You don’t have to leave your site, search for the required image, download and upload it to page.

Where can I find it?

Choose to add an image from the editor.

When it opens a media library window, you will observe a new option ‘Free Images from Pixabay’.
You can search for an image and choose to ‘Save & Insert’ it.
It will automatically download the image, add it to your media library and insert it on the page.

There’s More

Customizer Options
Our Themes have one of the most extensive customizers.

It lets you customize your site’s colors, layout, footer, header,
background, and every other website element you may think of.

Work With Us

New Mexico Domains Website Design Services

Affordable Web Site Design

Not everyone has the time or is prepared to create their own professional web site.

New Mexico Domains specializes in Personal and Small Business Web Design and Hosting, offering affordable pricing without sacrificing quality.

Sites desgned with a layout that is intuitive and appealing. Using a navigation structure that is easy as well as pleasing for your visitors to use, we can help you establish or re-establish your “e-image”.

When you work with us, we keep your costs down by assembling a team of independent, creative freelancers and entrepreneurs. We enlist associates who really have the talent, but reject the creative constraints that accompany a big, corporate, ad agency affiliation. This sidesteps the immense overhead built into agency invoices. Working this way, no job is literally too small or too large.

Web Page Design Service

Our team works with your business to deliver a dynamic Internet solution that is aligned with your business goals and ensures a perfect fit.
      • Web Site Design and Management
      • Domain Name Registration
      • Graphic Design, Logos, animation, etc.
      • Online Databases
      • Streaming Audio and Video
      • Online Oredering Systems with Secure Transactions Analysis
      • Restructuring and updating existing Web Sites
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